Slow context menu

When I right click on a file, the menu is super slow.
Could this be caused by viewer plugins ?


Do Opus and Windows Explorer behave the same way? Then it is some context menu extension that you have installed.

The problem sounds to be some recent 3rd party program or shell extension that you have installed on your system which is adding a context handler to selected items. When you click the right mouse button to display the context menu, Opus asks the system to populate the context menu and this is then passed to all programs or handlers that have requested to be notified for such events. They then initialise their programs or libraries and add process the file list to add whatever they want. Some context menu extensions can be either poorly written or require call-backs to functions of other programs not present on your system or can handle error conditions poorly, resulting is problems such as this.

So, can you think of what you have installed to cause this?

You can confirm this behaviour and test this - Go to Preferences - Miscellaneous and change the setting in Opus to hide windows items on Context menus. This will then only show Opus items and this will be very quick.

As from version, we have added some changes and options to help debug such issues. Please make sure you have the latest version installed. See the history at


And you'll see details of a registry variable you can set to tell you what is happening and perhaps diagnose where the slow down occurs.

As another test, you may find this utility useful in identifying the actual cause of the problem.