Slow Copy in Explorer


I use Windows 7 x64 and Directory Opus When I copy files and folders from one partition to another, from a network drive to local Harddisk or from an ext. USB harddisk, the copy performance is VERY, VERY poor. I also have FastCopy and TeraCopy installed - with these two tools the copy performance is normal (10x faster than with Directory Opus). For example I right-click on a folder with 500 MB of files and choose "Copy": now the default copy handler (Directory Opus) starts and copies the files with a very poor performance. When I right-click the same folder and choose "TeraCopy", the copy performance is 10x faster. This means: now Hardware- or Network-Problem! But what else?

Thanks for your help.


The thread title says Explorer but I assume we're talking about Opus only and not Explorer? Or are both slow?

Try experimenting with copy_buffer_size in Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced. Some part of your system may be highly sensitive to the buffer size.

Also make sure your anti-virus/spyware/firewall tools aren't treating Opus differently to the other apps mentioned.