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Slow file copy with DirOpus over the network. New Question


I have read some of the old posts about this problem and have tried the buffer adjustments (which does help a bit) but I was wondering if there was now a definitive reason for Directory Opus to be be much slower than File Explorer to copy files around the network? And possibly a definitive solution? It's not just me - a friend I convinced to buy Directory Opus (a retired network manager) has the same issue. I realise that file copying depends on the individual PC, HDD speed, cable quality, network switch, phase of the moon, etc., but the fact is when copying the same size files between the same two machines in the exact same circumstances DirOpus is much slower than File Manager. Why is it so? This detracts from a piece of software that I have been using from Amiga days and that I regard as one of the finest bits of software ever written. I'm using v10 and my friend has v11.


Try with version 12, and please post some network usage graphs so we can see the speed of different programs to see/verify what you're seeing.

(Opus copies the same speed as everything else over the network here: As fast as the network can go.)