Slow Find dialog appearance

I have fairly fast PC and I have issue with Dopus find dialog appearance - after I press ctrl+f, it takes about 4 seconds for dialog to appear. Every time! Could something be done about it? Procmon doesn't report any activity in Dopus during that time...

And one suggestions - could you consider multithreaded find?

It appears instantly for me.

If you have a huge number of old collections piled up, try removing them (if they aren't needed), which might speed it up.

Find is almost always bottlenecked by storage, not CPU, so multithreading it would not help in general.

Huh, I don't think I have any collection, at least not voluntary. How can I check that?

I don't agree. If I hit a huge find over my SSD, DOpus uses one core fully which tells the CPU is the bottleneck...

Go to coll:// and you will see a list of your collections. Delete any you don't need.

Unfortunately, it's not that - only three predefined ones.

Would it be possible to generate a Process Monitor log of what happens when the Find panel opens? (Make sure the log records a case where it opens slowly, of course, if it isn't always slow.)

Here's how to make the log: Process Monitor instructions

I will do that as soon as the delay gets bigger; at the moment, it's about one second, so it would be difficult to catch something... Last night it was exactly 4s. I cannot think of anything that has changed to produce different delay (PC hasn't been rebooted and exactly the same apps are opened).