Slow performance on WSL2 folders with TortoiseSVN

It takes me 5-10s to change the current folder on WSL2 share from DOpus. Using Process Monitor I saw DOpus spends most of the time accessing databases from the .svn folder present on a share.

I have added the 'Do not show the context menu for the following paths' filter in the TortoiseSVN settings and that helped with the right-clicking performance indeed.

In DOpus, I have removed SVN columns and I have disabled the 'Show TortoiseSVN status icons in the Status column' option, but browsing through folders is still painfully slow.

If I browse in Windows Explorer, it works momentarily.

Opus doesn't access .svn folders directly, so it'll be TSVN which is doing it, possibly to generate the icon overlays showing SVN status.

Turning on Show generic icons for... and/or turning off Show shortcut arrows and other icon overlays in the same Preferences page may stop that happening, but would affect other folders as well. Blocking the TSVN icon overlay shell extension (e.g. via ShellExView) should prevent it from being invoked entirely without needing to change anything else.

For a proper solution, reporting the issue to the TSVN devs is probably the best bet.

Adjusting mentioned options didn't make any difference...

I don't believe the problem is caused by TSVN itself as the it doesn't appear in the Windows Explorer...

TSVN is what's likely to be accessing .svn folders, so if that's taking a long time it's probably TSVN.

Have you tested uninstalling TSVN to see if the problem happens without it?

Did you try at least blocking its icon overlay extension?

I have just tried disabling "TortoiseSVN Icon Overlay Handler" (is that it?) in ShellExView and there is no difference.

TSVN spends time, that I can see on the stack while the hung is happening, but I don't believe TSVN does this on its own as it doesn't happen in Windows Explorer.

I presume DOpus querying something SVN related. What, I don't know.

The thing that takes time is the thing that needs to be addressed. That's in TSVN, so it's something you likely need to bring up with the TSVN developers.

Although if TSVN is still being queried when the overlay is disabled and the columns are not turned on, then something must still be triggering that. Maybe you've set up labels or something else that tests TSVN state to color files or similar? That could also explain why File Explorer isn't triggering it, as it can't do that.

Reading folder with many files will be slower.

Of course, but in my case, there are less than 10 files/folders at every level.