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Slow right-click of multiple files

DO 10.5. Win 8 x64.
When i select many files (for example a few hundred small zips or more) and i right click for copy or paste it is slow until i can actually begin copy. That is a waiting cursor goed for quite a while-a few minutes. Windows is much quicker for this part of the process. Copying part is OK but not the file aggregation part. Has nothing to do with the destination it is only the 1st part of the process.
Any ideas of what options to change.

The Crash, exit or high CPU when right-clicking certain files FAQ may help.

It happened when transferring when clicking on mp3 files today. Yesterday it was small zip files. I don't see anything in the faq pertaining to this and i don't have the things it does mention installed. As a matter of fact it happened on my old windows install and this brand new windows installl-2 different pcs.Does not happen in windows explorer. Can't figure it out yet.

The FAQ's context menu debugging steps are probably what you need. Don't stop reading at the top of it. :slight_smile: