Slow to open opus 12 if I close the windows taskbar

I notice that if you close Opus 12 from the windows taskbar it takes a long time to open this is normal?

I don't like having programs running in the background I have a Tik with programs that are running.

My Notebook is a Core I7 8750H I have a 1TB SSD with 32 GB the Ram

what could I configure to let Opus open faster without always running in the background?


When I close Directory Opus from the taskbar it takes two seconds to reopen it.
When I close the lister it takes one second to reopen a new lister.

Not a big difference.

Startup speed depends on a lot of things. How much have you customized your toolbars and so on?

If you have 32GB of RAM and a 6C/12T i7 CPU then I don't think leaving Opus running in the background is going to have even a slight impact on your system, and that's the best solution to reducing how long a new window takes to open. Why does it bother you? A file manager is something you typically open and close many times throughout the day.

He wrote he has a "tik" (quirk, foible) with programs that are running in the background.
It's perhaps because every 15 minutes the license is verificated by GPSoftware. :guardsman:

That isn't true.

Well, there was something about corruption by a third-party patch program. Maybe a rumour.

I apologize for this malicious allegation.

You've mentioned using a cracked version in the past once before. Please remember we aren't responsible for whatever those versions do, and please avoid mentioning them or their quirks, as it's just confusing for legitimate users.

(And also that the forums where people talk about them are full of people who have wild imaginations fueled by the paranoia you get from running dodgy versions of software from unknown sources. Some of the claims they invent are crazy.)


He wrote he has a "tik" (quirk, foible) with programs that are running in the background.
It's perhaps because every 15 minutes the license is verificated by GPSoftware.

You got it right I don't like anything running in the background, the development team could improve the loading by making Opus 12 faster.

Probably issue with your system.I have lots of stuff loaded at startup and load time is easily below one second (from click until the default lister display).Also if you have usage spikes with "programs" it suggests that this is not DO problem.
Maybe antivirus check or something like this.
Here with DO, browser, VMs and s***load of other software running in foreground nad backgroud my machine idles at around 1 GHz (I mean sum of frequencies of all non-sleeping cores).

Startup speed should be fast on a stock config. If it's slow for you, first how slow are we talking? 2 seconds? 30 seconds? The length of time can indicate the type of problem.

(For example, 30 seconds usually means something is trying to access a network drive on a machine that is unreachable, and Windows hasn't cached the fact it's unreachable for the process yet.)

Toolbar icons pointing to lots of external exe files can also slow things down, because loading the icons usually triggers and antivirus scan.

Spun-down HDDs can cause a few seconds of delay if they get inspected by something and have to spin-up.

Using lots of background images in the file display or toolbar can slow things down as they have to all be loaded, and potentially stretched.

Process Monitor can sometimes be useful to see what the program is accessing while it starts, which is often a clue about why there is a delay.

But, at the end of the day, if you have no Opus windows open and just let the process stay running in the background (the default configuration), it won't use a significant amount of CPU or RAM and it will re-open instantly. The choice is yours whether you want to track down why startup is slow and/or put up with it being slow in return for satisfying a feeling in your mind that it somehow isn't right to use a little RAM to cache a program that you open and close frequently throughout the day. Doesn't make sense to me, though.