Sluggish when working on files stored also in OneDrive

I have most of my work files stored in OneDrivePro cloud, as per my MS Office365 subscription.
Despite all those files being available also offline, whatever operation I do on any of those files (renaming, moving, deleting, etc.) it causes DO to hang for a while.
Sometimes it's only a very short time, some other times it lasts 10-20 seconds. It seems to be independent from the speed of the network connection I use.
DO is anyway put as "Not responding" by Windows during that time.
The same operations cause no issue at all when done using Windows Explorer.
Is there something I need to set in Preferences to better deal with OneDrive files or is that an actual issue with DO?
I'm running DO 11.7 x64 on Win 8.1 x64 with Intel i5 processor and 4GB RAM.

If you use ShellExView to disable any OneDrive, DropBox, or other cloud storage shell extensions, then fully exit Opus (via File / Exit Directory Opus) & re-launch it, do you still get the delays then?

I'm sorry for getting back to you so late but I had not realized you had replied me.
I disabled all cloud related extension (or at least all those that I could spot) and the problem seems to have disappeared.
I attached the list of all disabled extensions.
How should I proceed now? I suppose those extensions were there for something.. Should I try and renable them a few at a time (for instance grouping them by product they belong to)?
disabled 20141215.txt (22.9 KB)

Yes, that's a good plan if you want to narrow down which one was causing the problem.

It seems that the culprit is among the Microsoft SkyDrive Pro pack.
When I renabled that group, DO performance decreased, especially folder tree refresh (it did not hang for tens of seconds as it used to, though).
I'm not that familiar with Windows inner bits and pieces. What are those extensions supposed to do (at least in general, if you don't know the details about those ones from Microsoft)? As said, I suppose I'm going to miss some functionalities, either big or small ones, if I have some extensions disabled...

In ShellExView, what does it say for the Type column of the extension(s) that cause the slow down? That will indicate what they do.