Small glitch, folder 'relics', when having destination placeholders while copying

Scenario: using a button, which opens folder A left, and folder B right, and starts copying or moving items from one side to the other, all in one go.

The destination placeholders will show as usual, but also (ghosted) items from the last active file display, before the action was triggered (from folder C, so to speak), which don't belong here. They will disappear after a second or two. They may have been selected in the old folder, before the action was started.

Still there in 13.0.48

What's the button definition that triggers this?

It's a button, that moves files around. Note that the path on C: contains slashes. I suspect, that they play a role in the behavior. The example below is schematic. The original file names in the select part are different, and a lot more of them, but that should not make any difference.

The strange effect only happens, when files are previously selected in a folder other than those who are involved in the button code. For example, if some files are selected in G:\Docs, or any other folder. Those selected files are, so to speak, 'carried over' to the copy job (very briefly, maybe for 2 seconds), but only regarding the 'ghosted preview' thing. Naturally, they aren't actually copied, since the button does its job correctly, except for the preview thing. Don't know if it makes sense, but that's what i see.

Set Focus=left
Go "C:/Users/Abr/AppData/Roaming/Browser" openinleft
Select "(File1|File2|File3|File4|Bookmarks|Cache)"
Go S:\Browser openinright
Copy Move to S:\Browser