Small visual glitch on the breadcrumb bar

since from 12.29 version (or at least i never saw before) i have a small visual glitch under to the breadcrumb 'expand folder' arrow (a light grey rectangle for every arrows, see picture), closing and restarting dopus it goes away but 2/3 times in a day happens...

my Win11 pro and nvidia drivers are updated, any idea?

si.sshot-000 2022-09-21

It looks like the Windows Visual Style used to draw those arrows is corrupt in some way.

Are you using something that modifies Visual Styles and the way things look?

I don't see any issues here on an up-to-date Windows 11 machine.

(Note: Not a Windows Insider build. If you see problems with those, please report them to Microsoft rather than us so they can fix what they broke in their betas.)

thanks, next week i setup new hardware (not because of small this visual glitch of course). at this time i am outside of the MS insider preview program (v.10.0.22000.978 up and running). a new setup will solve this matter.