SMART analysis for hard drives


Just thought it would be great for Dopus to have a feature by which it monitored the SMART status of attatched hard drives. Does anyone else think that this is a good idea? :slight_smile:


Why ?

why not? i use dopus all the time to check things on my hdd, so it would be a natural extention to have this feature built in & not have to get a separate resource hogging prog...

If the only reason is 'why not', why bother?

There are existing SMART monitors which are very lightweight and stay out of the way until there's a reason to alert you, at which point they pop-up.

If Opus did the same I imagine it'd use as much resources, and it's not information you need to look at constantly (only when there's a change/alert), so to me it doesn't seem worth the coding & support effort that'd detract from other areas.

(Keeping in mind the hassle I've seen other SMART monitoring tool developers go through supporting the different features and proprietary reporting/values/meanings of different types of drives (HDD,SSD...) from different manufacturers (who don't report things in the same way), not to mention issues with different IDE/SATA controllers/drivers (like NVidia's SATA drivers which, as well as slowing things down compared to generic drivers, present everything as SCSI devices which block the SMART commands in all but a few clever tools)... Seems like something best left to dedicated tools and where having it built into Opus wouldn't really add any value, to me at least.)

Can anyone recommend a decent one of these? By coincidence I have just been looking for such a tool. Too many won't work with drives attached as SCSI or RAID.

To avoid being banished to the nether regions of this place for wandering off topic, I add that I have a separate toolbar in DOpus that contains nothing but "System" software – a raft of tools that can fix or examine things in Windows. Then I can just hit the right tit to invoke the software.

It has a couple of dozen different bits and pieces, including thinks like regedit, scanpst and other bits and pieces I need when things go belly up.

Earlier today I added HDDScan, but it takes a lot of effort to get a quick view of results.

I've found Crystal Disk Info reaches the drives many others won't reach. Not sure how good it is as a background monitor; it has such a feature but I've never used it and just run it occasionally to check things.

(I think I read that Everest can also work with SCSI, or at least NVidia's awful, problematic Vista/Win7 SATA/SCSI drivers, though if you're using them you're still best off switching to the generic Windows SATA drivers for a massive performance increase on top of making SMART tools work without having to find the special ones.)

The CDI page also links to SmartMonTools which supports a handful of RAID controllers but I wouldn't get your hopes up. That was one of several reasons I stopped using RAID on any desktop computer. (I came to the conclusion that, outside of servers, RAID causes far more problems than it could ever prevent; better to do frequent backups instead.)

I didn't know if it would be cost-effective in terms of programming, so cheers for the replies to the suggestion. I'll check out some of the alternatives suggested.