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"Smart" front end for Beyond Compare

Looks like you're DO version is just not uptodate (that missing property was introduced lately).

I had the same thought as soon as I saw the error. I am sitting behind a company firewall so I got no update messages. Will update manually and report back.

Ok, Dopus updated to 11.4.

Now, I can configure it properly but still nothing happens. I only get the following error

Error at line 1, position 1
Ungültiges Zeichen (0x800a0408) -> Translation: Invalid token
Parse error - script aborted

Button just runs "$BC"

Sounds like you created a "script-button".
You may try a "standard" button: "Standard Function (Opus or external)".

Heureka! Now, it works. Yes, it was a script button (legacy from the first implementation from AB).

Thanks all for the reply and the patience.

I was pretty happy (and surprised) when I tried to compare a file with an older version of that file that was stored in a zip and it worked. thanks AB :slight_smile:

Both Leo's and AB's version have this

initData.min_version = "1.3.1"

I believe it should be

initData.min_version = "11.3.1"

Oops. I've fixed that in mine now.

v2.4 AB (2014/06/12) is attached. Fixes the minimum version issue flagged (thanks) by wowbagger

Beyond Compare v2.4 AB.osp (8.63 KB)
Regards, AB

I really like this button but there are times I would like to use a different compare tool. To achieve this I have taken the great work you both (AB and Leo) have done, and generalised it so it can be applied to other compare tools.
I put it in a different post External compare tool buttons. It currently supports 15 different compare tools.

Could you move that latest version into the thread opening, remove "AB" and the version information from the uploaded filename and put the version/author information into the attachment description? The bulletin list upfront needs fixing as well, so this thread is valid xhtml again. o) Wonder why the forum software does not prevent postings from ruining page sources, it renders invalid code for iframes as well, boooh. o)

The little tweaks would render BeyondCompare and this thread compatible with the script-updating thing I'm going to upload.
I put some effort in fixing things by myself as far as it makes sense, but with this contribution and thread, there's no way for me.

Thanks! o)


Supposed I want to make use of the Folder Sync feature of Beyond Compare, how should I edit the script? I am guessing I just need to put the "/sync" parameter into some section but so far trying, I keep getting error warnings on the Utility Panel.

Awesome work, guys! I was really missing the BC context menu items on my portable version, THANK YOU. :thumbsup:

I've updated the Version 2.4 AB .osp download in the root post to include icons for high DPI systems.

I've also done the same for the Version 2.2 LD fork in my post, since that's the version I'm still using personally, for slightly different behavior.

In both cases, the scripts and version numbers remain as before; I just dropped in new icons and left everything else as-is.

Nice idea with the icons, I will look at doing the same. I don't use high dpi, I assume using what you have here can be copied?

This script is super seeded by the external compare and merge tools script. I believe that script supports everything this one does (it was the starting point), as well as some other features, including supporting other tools.

Curious, is there reason you are sticking with this script, are there some missing features?

Copying the icons subdir is all you'd need to do, if it's still just got the BC icon. If there are other icons then it'd be more involved.

I'm still using my version as it already does everything I want it to do and I wasn't sure if other versions had the same logic as my fork.

Dragged the .osp file to Preferences/Toolbars/Scripts. Can this script be used in button? If so, then how?

After the script is installed, it gives you a new command to use in buttons. $BC in the root post's version of the script. BeyondCompare in the forked version that's in my post.

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This is cool! I use Beyond Compare at work. However, and in life there is always a however. I've found Beyond Compare doesn't support compares of the .docx, .xlsx etc.. formats. I had to got to using the plugin for WinMerge for this.

I've done another update to the Version 2.4 AB .osp download in the root post and the Version 2.2 LD fork in my post, correcting an issue with the Beyond Compare toolbar icon when using large icons or very high DPI.

In both cases, the scripts and version numbers remain as before; I just fixed something in the icon XML and left everything else as-is.

(The XML I added the last time I updated things was referring to an image size that didn't exist in the archive.)