Smartfavorites: Check on startup for folders that

Slightly puzzled about the Preferences - > SmartFavorites -> Check on startup for folders that no longer exist setting.

Most likely I am mistaken, but the way I see it is that at Opus, at launch, checks which folders in the Favorites list it has access
to and it those folders are not accessable, they are cleared from the list.

Meaning when there is SmartFavorites-entry referring to a drive that is closed (like an encrypted drive), then that entry will be cleared
at Opus launch??

BTW - my settings
Number of SmartFavorites folders: [20]
Reference table size: [100]
Folder Activity Point threshold:[20]

That sounds right.

Then I guess, it seems not to be working properly. That is to say, at least not with me.
It shows entries linking to files within encrypted containers, that have long been closed.
Links remain there even after a pc-reboot yesterday and a cold start this morning.
I clear those entries manually (preferences/clear SmartFavorites)

Would like to come back on this once again

This is what I mean:


Drive M is a closed container, clicking on it would be useless. On the other hand, I assume they shouldn't be listed anyhow..?


It wouldn't be useless if the drive auto-mounts, or is manually mounted before you start trying to access it.

I am not sure how this works, to be honest, but it seems reasonable for it to work in either way for removable devices which are accessed frequently, so I don't see a problem whichever way it works?

When these 'drives' are not mounted, Opus shows them as a (big) file, with a .jbc extension -being encrypted containers.
I manually mount them and only then a driveletter is assigned to them, i.e. they work like virtual drives.

Question is: why does Opus shows links to folders that are stored within -closed- containers, folders that do not exist?
(Specifically when Check on startup for folders that no longer exist is tagged and the way I see it, they indeed do not exist)

From privacy point of view this may not be desirable...

If you're worried about privacy, you should turn off smart favorites as they will store that information while the drive is mounted, and the info will be stored on disk until later, no matter how the pruning works after a reboot.

Okay, will do that then.
Still leaves me a little puzzled as to what ' Check on startup for folders that no longer exist setting' is supposed to do though ... :wink: