So cool

Opus can be a somewhat frustrating beast to deal with at times. I was ragging about getting the auto-size columns parameter to stick the way I wanted, which lead into a discussion of the confusion between folder and lister parameters.

Just when the frustration starts to build, you come upon one of those things that reminds you why the preferences can be so complicated and why you mostly love Opus.

I've been trying to organize a bunch of graphics and recently discovered that putting a folder.jpg image in a folder will cause Opus to display that image on the folder icon (in graphics mode). This is a great feature for previewing collections of photos. But how to create all those folder.jpg files?

I created a new button using "Image CONVERT WIDTH=640 HEIGHT=480 PRESERVEASPECTRATIO AS=folder.jpg" as the command. Select an image, click a button, you've got a folder.jpg.

I love Opus again. :slight_smile:

I'm new to customized tool buttons. Is there some way to get the folder.jpg to create in the source lister and not the destination lister when you are in dual-lister mode?

Add "HERE" to the command string.