[Solved] Antivirus deleted dopus.exe and unable to reinstall


Directory Opus dissapears from my computer at work. Bitdefender endpoint detects dopus.exe as malaware and delete the application :crazy_face: It now whitelisted but I can reinstall it. I got this error message, even when launching the setup in admin mode.


(dopus was replacing explorer on my computer)

Any idea ?

I'd say you need to talk to Bitdefender support as it sounds like it's still interfering even though you have it whitelisted.

Do not know whether this will help, but I had a similar problem a few months ago with another program - NOT DOpus.

In the end I had to remove Bitdefender completely using their special uninstall tool.


Then I re-installed the offending program before re-installing Bitdefender and checking that the offending program was whitelisted.

No troubles since. Guess the uninstall tool clears all the Bitdefender detritus from the registry.

Nevermind, after a few reboots I could reinstall dopus :slight_smile:

Why would you do that? :slight_smile:

Haha :slight_smile: In my case it's my company laptop, I don't have the choice, I can't even close Bitdefender :sweat_smile: