Some hotkeys please on settings / customize

Hi Opus,
thanks for your amazing product.

Could I be bold enough to ask for some hotkeys, please.
As, by far the most often thing I do in Opus is this dialog.

Could we please have on the settings / customize dialog,
hotkeys for

  1. the filter box
  2. the letter / phrase toggle button
  3. the filter clear button

As these will make faster and easier the process of
using them to get the needed task done.

Many thanks,

F3 will give focus to the filter field, and while it has focus Escape will clear it.

I don't think there's a hotkey for #2 currently but once the filter field has focus you can press Tab to shift focus to the toggle button and then press Space to toggle it (and this will give focus back to the filter field automatically).

Thx Jon for those very useful tips.
Can we have an option in preferences that will
give the filter field initial focus when the dialog
is opened and the tab is selected ?