Some issues working with ZIP archives


I use the following button to create ZIP archives:

@runonce cd {s} Copy ARCHIVE=keepfolder CREATEFOLDER="{s|nopath|noterm}.xpi" HERE WHENEXISTS=merge,replace UPDATEALL FORCE

This warning shows up when trying to add existing folders to the archive, even when using FORCE and/or WHENEXISTS options:

Also, i have another problem while adding softlink files, these are added uncompressed and the file attributes comes from the softlink itself, not the real file it points to. (Softlinks are created by using 'COPY MAKELINK AUTO')

Could you please fix both issues?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Third issue... doing "FileType NEW=.txt" and renaming the newly created zero-bytes file causes the zip archive to become corrupted. Funnily, doing the same once again and not renaming the file this time causes the zip archive to become repaired...

I don't really care about this one since i accidentally used FileType over an opened zip archive, but in any case you may wanted to know about it.

FWIW, the third issue seems to happen maybe due filenames with spaces, however i did noticed creating a new zip file with a single file inside does not cause the described behavior, it does happens if the zip contains several files and folders though. :confused:

Erm... Hello?

If you post multiple issues in a single thread, we may not reply until we have had a chance to look into all of them.

(See Ask one question per thread )

Any news on this? It is really annoying having to maintain several copies of the same files rather than just symlinks.

Thanks, the first two issues will be fixed in the next update. I'm not able to reproduce the third issue - could possibly PM me an archive that demonstrates the problem?

Awesome!, better later than never :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, Jon.

PM sent.