Some minor setting options

I creae a lot of ftp accounts. Each time I do so, I need to deslect the Anonymous option, click on Adjust dates and select which time zone I am in (always the same one). I do this four or five times a day so it is an annoyance. Can this be automated with a button? I couldn't find commands to change the options. Or maybe default settings for these values in preferences would be better.


The timezone setting is not to specify which zone you are in (Opus gets this from the system) - it is to specify which timezone the ftp server is in. Presumably these will all be different?

There's no way to 'automate' this as you have asked, but you can create a new ftp site entry from a copy of an existing one. Simply right-click on the entry you wish to copy and choose Duplicate.

I didn't realize that about the time zone. Although the reason I set it is to be able to track when I last made changes and it does that. If I make a change today at 4 it displays that time, even though the server is in a different time zone.

I never thought of making a copy of an exisitng site. That does make it a little easier. Thanks. :slight_smile: