Some “.png” files won’t load as pictures

How come some .png files won't "open when double-clicked in Dopus (10 and 12) but hovering over with the mouse still shows a little icon preview. In a few words, Dopus is unable to load *.png as a picture but the file's icon is visualised correctly (as a mini picture). Any clue? Thank you in advance.

I suspect they are not really PNG files but something else with the wrong extension.

Please zip and send some example files that don't load, so we can examine them.

Hi Leo,
Thank you for your prompt reply and apologies for the late acknowledgment. I just saw your message. As per your kind suggestion I have zipped a few PNG and am attaching the Archive for your perusal.
The weird thing is that DOpus shows a preview of the picture if I hover over the file with the mouse....
Thnak you again,

Fabio (2.0 MB)

None of those are PNG files. They're WEBP files with the wrong extension. If you rename them they'll work. (The WEBP plugin only tries to load files with that extension. Some formats will load with any extension but not WEBP.)

Thank you so much for looking into this so promptly Leo, and apologies for my late acknowledgment. It's funny how tiktok uses the PNG extension for those files. It worked straightaway, as soon as I changed the extension. My very Best, F