Some possible bugs and wishes

I have picture of my user interface here (note! folders are sensored :stuck_out_tongue:) I will refer to it time to time "marked as.." on my text.

Possible bugs:

a) If I disable lister menu or just remove 'edit' (marked red) windows basic keyboard commands CTRL+c/x/v etc. doesn't work anymore. :frowning: I have keep that toolbar with only edit command on it just to get those keyboard commands to work :cry:

b) I prefer to use list all the time. On my F: (root) directory I have over 100 folders named with 10-30 letters. Folder lines are overlapping each other and end of names are truncated to ".." where overlapping occurs . I have to press F5 (refresh) every time to get it sized properly. I've tried hundreds of times to find trouble maker from 'folder options' and 'folder formats' :frowning:

BUT when they are in a folder instead of root directory they are sized like they should :confused:


c) I have my drives as tabs on my saved layot, but they are impractical small tabs to click and I don't remember my drives by heart. I wish chance to choose between letter and title for drive. I would prefer "Games" to "E:". 'Minimun tab size'-option would beneficial addition too when it comes to short names like these.

d) I often use windows key+e to open file manager. Is there any way to get the saved layot to open instead of new listener? Customized keys setup doesn't allow windows key?

e) I wish possibility to move/add status bar information (marked yellow) to any toolbar, then status bar could be disabled! :slight_smile:

Directory Opus seems to be one the greatest software I've tried/used so far. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

The buttons on the default toolbars and menus have hotkeys associated with them. If you delete the toolbars then you lose the hotkeys, but you can then define standalone hotkeys via Customize, Keys.

Welcome to the wonderful Windows list view control, and one of the many reasons most of us don't use List mode. Details and Power modes are your friend!

But seriously, maybe Jon can improve this, I don't know...

Agreed. You can set a maximum size and you can also set that all tabs are a fixed size, but there doesn't currently seem to be a minimum size setting which still allows tabs to grow larger when needed.

The Win+E shortcut is controlled by Windows and is hardcoded to open My Computer. It'll open in Opus if you've turned on Explorer Replacement mode, but it's just Opus responding to Windows telling the default folder handler to open My Comptuer.

Unforunately, Windows doesn't let you override what Win+E does.

You can, however, use just about any other hotkey you want, including other keys in combination with the Windows key. For example, Opus comes with a default Win+O hotkey which opens your default lister.

I quite like this idea as well. Being able to have status information in one or more toolbars instead of or as well as the status bar would be useful, especially for stuff you don't always want to see (e.g. you could have a toolbar which you toggle on to display space use don a DVD).