Some pre-purchase questions, mainly usb-export

  1. Does configuration import/export work between x64 and x86 versions?

  2. Does an usb-exported version work without admin privileges (e.g. on a corporate workstation)?

  3. Some forum post suggests, usb-export does only work for usb-devices formated as superfloppy (opposed to having a partition table). Is that correct?
    And the reason for this would only be licensing restrictions rather than technical reasons, right? Would be fine with me. Your licensing sceme seems fair to me, but i just wanna know... :wink:

  4. I would use the usb version only at work. Can I just put it into my homefolder there and avoid having to connect a usb drive every day? The usage pattern would be the same whether I have it on a usb-drive or a local disk. It's just a convenience thing...

Some answers would be greatly appreciated.

If you have the x86 version installed then you can only export the x86 version to USB.

If you have the x64 version installed then you can choose whether to export the x64 or the x86 version to USB.

The x86 version on a USB stick will run with x86 or x64 versions of Windows, but since it's a 32-bit app it will see a "virtualized" view of x64 filesystems. (e.g. Program Files and Sytem32 will be redirected to their 32-bit equivalents.)

The x64 version on a USB stick will only run on x64 versions of Windows.

Yes, unless you do something which requires UAC (which needs admin privileges anyway).

It's possible that an x64 USB export may need admin rights to work with Zip and RAR files (as it currently needs a 32-bit proxy to do so). Not sure about that, though, and I may be remembering incorrectly or the need for admin rights to create the proxy may have been removed.

Which forums posts? I don't remember hearing about this before but it may be true.

Probably. Can't say for sure without knowing what the issue is.

No, USB exported versions have to be run from the USB device.