(Some) settings are lost after restarting computer

I’m using DO 9. It’s only a minor problem I’m reporting, but it could imply greater inconveniences. I start up DO 9 from the Quick Start icon bar (next to the Start button), in Windows Vista. I am using a horizontal dual pane, so with a left and a right pane.

When I want to change the colors of the ‘source bar’ and the ‘destination bar’, say from a gradient color combination to one color (through Settings > Preferences > Display > Colors & Fonts > Other Colors > Source border), things do work. I exit DO through the top right x-on-red button, and when I fire it up again, the new single color is still there. Fine.

However, when I restart my computer and then start DO again, the colors are back to their original unwanted gradient combination.

As I said, this is only a minor thing, but I’m a bit afraid that other, less minor, changes could also be lost this way.

So, my question is: how can I preserve the new color after restarting my computer??

Go to /dopusdata and make sure the files there are not set to be read-only.

Thanks, Leo. Many files in /dopusdata were, for some reason, set to attribute:hidden. Unhiding them made the DO settings stay, also after a restart of the computer.