Some software wont be able to open folder from within the software

some software won't be able to open folder from within the software. for some reason for some time now, i cant get some programs to call directory opus to open a folder IE like : doble click on Jdownloader 2 to open download directory or right click open. coul it be some default file explorer issue?

they don't seem to be able to help and are almost imposible co contact plus this only ever happend to me a DO user so i cant find anithing in theit forums

Thanks Att. Stratos

If it works in some things but not others, it's probably because they're explicitly asking for File Explorer instead of the default file manager.

That usually happens if they open the folder using ShellExecute(Ex) and specify "open" as the verb instead of null. ("open" sends things to File Explorer; null triggers the default verb, which might be Opus or File Explorer, depending on settings.)

thats useful info ill do some digging .
thanks ell post an update if i find something

extra info this use to work fine until some weeks 1/2 ago? could there be any new setting ?

ps if you have used JD2, have you or anyone been able to open folders regularly.

im considering reinstalling DO but if i save my setting and reinstate then i mightbring the problem back

Nothing related should have changed on our side in the last couple of weeks.

Reinstalling might repair the registry settings involved, if they've been damaged by something.

If you reinstall over the top (do not uninstall first) then your settings will be kept. But it's always a good idea to use Settings > Backup & Restore to make a backup occasionally.