Some tab context menu edits ignored


Actual, note the 3rd item after the ✗✗✗ one, it's different

What are the edits?

Please show the full menus as well. So many items in that menu are shown/hidden conditionally that a cropped screenshot isn't enough to see what's going on.

the edits are in the 3rd item, it should be Close ‹Tabs instead of Close Tabs To Left, it's not conditional, I've copied the item there specifically

in fact, any edits are ignored for this item

Found the reason: Go TABCLOSEALL=[left|right|above|below] will override the button label to make it correct for the tab bar's current orientation. So the labels on those commands can't be edited (or, rather, the edited label will only be visible in Customize mode).

I think it was done that way before the Evaluator was in place. We could move the label logic into Evaluator code in the command, which would allow it to be edited, but doing so now would cause problems with people's existing configs.

think it's fine if the defaults stay as is not to break configs, maybe the solution is to simply add a comment that renaming is only possible with Evaluator and just add Evaluator code also commented out in the command field. Then whoever wants to rename could replace the default field with that code

Found a workaround. Add a line with @label:="Close <Tabs" to the command:

Is it not possible to somehow make it work when inserting the full evaluator multiline code?

  mylabel = "Close ‹Tab";
  return mylabel;

Could only achieve that via multiple evals (which also don't accept line splits, so have to fit everything in 1-liners)

@eval:={isVer = right;}
@eval:={if (sel == -1) {tabsL = "";} else {tabsL = sel;}} // no tab clicked, so current tab index unknown or tbd find another method
@eval:={if (isVer == true) {dir = "‹";} else {dir = "↑";}}
@eval:={lbl = "C&lose " + dir + "Tabs " + tabsL;}

@label:=return lbl;
Go TABCLOSEALL left PATH %tab_id%

And the & accelerator doesn't seem to work with this method, so just this @label:="&AClo" also fails to act on a even though A is underlined, but the original l/r/v continue to work even though I've removed the default buttons, I guess they are also overriden internally.

And how do you get the tabbar position? (I'm using the wrong right command)