Some thoughts about touch functionality

As proud user of a slate 700t tablet (never go back to normal laptop :smiley:) I am asking how to get better touch functionality in DO? I think these and much more questions will come at the latest with release of MS Surface and co.

So here are some questions relating same subject and solutions are welcome from everyone here (not only GP):

  1. Right click
    Available by holding finger down long, but it tooks time compared to mouse. So maybe a small popup on selection choosing some custom commands like contextmenu might be a solution. On buttons it is really getting used to.

  2. Middle click
    Since v10 default toolbars mainly use pulldown menu instead of three-buttons. But I like them! Unfortunately I had to reconfigure lots of buttons as I can not emulanate middle-click when on touch. On the other side half of the time when at home I use a mouse on the tablet which supports. No solution for now.

  3. Zoom/Scroll
    Zooming and scrolling should work like with metro-apps within lister.

  4. Back/Forward
    Like IE supports, wiping from left to right within lister should go forward and vice versa.

  5. Possibility for bigger scrollbar
    Turning off touchscrolling (when on mouse) should be possible, but also a bigger scrollbar for better touch functionality (at the moment I have to aim precisely). Or smaller, simply as indicator like in some touch apps.

  6. Autopopup of softkeyboard when activating a textfield. Maybe a "touch mode-"button, which en- and disables some functions would be useful and could be realized by just some prefs-commands turning to off or on.

For all "tablet beginners" I recommend turning off drag and drop within one lister, it could cause some unwanted movements in the first weeks :wink:

Don't want to open a new topic, so are there any plans for better touch-support in near future?

None that we're ready to announce.

I'm currently working on a 48x48 default XL toolbar iconset. This might be useful for touch screen users.
It's a lot of work, so it will take some time before the whole new set is ready. Here's a preview but
some details / icons might change in the final version:

Nice, also interesting for mediacenter/tv :slight_smile:. For me 32x32 are large enough on 1366x786 (I have a Samsung Slate 700t). But as Intel-Tablets & Win8 are new on market, I think tablets with higher res will come soon.

Nice work, as always, Cris!

After lots of months I "push" this thread! :slight_smile:

Any chances to get touch support in near future? I mostly miss scrolling/navigating within lister on my tablet.

If more people ask for it it will be moved up the priority list. So far I think only around 4 or 5 people have (from a quick forum search, maybe incomplete) and neither Jon nor I have a touchscreen laptop which is another barrier.

Add me to he want list as I've now got a Surface Pro 2 waiting with Santa for Christmas and I will be wanting to load and use DOpus on it! That will ache for touch interfacing!

@tekguru: In the meantime you can modify DO as follows:

  • use larger fonts (+2 px) or icons to get larger buttons (depending on resolution of course!)
  • redesign all triple-buttons to duo or menu
  • set "right-click" in control panel to max. fast
  • first weeks deactivate moving within lister to avoid unwanted "folder-reorganisation" :slight_smile:
  • live with a too small scrollbar

But: Execpt the 3-buttons, waitime on right-click and non-working scrolling within lister (and some gestures for back/forward/etc.) surprisingly you can work good with DO on touch.

[quote="Sasa"]- redesign all triple-buttons to duo or menu

  • live with a too small scrollbar[/quote]

Re those two, I don't think there are any triple-buttons in the default config these days (or for years), unless I've forgotten some.

The scrollbars can be made larger, as per this thread.

I'll start experimenting once I've got the device, too many other thins on my plate at the moment.

But I use DO long before where the triple-buttons were "in" :slight_smile:. The newer menu-style since v10 (if I remember right) I only use on rarely used buttons. Nevertheless the small menu-arrows are not better and hard to hit :wink:.

I'll try that as "workaround".

Edit: Don't misunderstand me... you can really work with DO on touch, there're just a few optimizations necessary.

I'd like to add my request for improved touch functionality as I've just replaced my aging laptop with a Surface Pro 2 and it now seems very strange not to be able to scroll up & down a long folder with my finger.

Indeed :slight_smile:

Yep, touch-scrolling within file display is the main thing I miss. Everything else works good on touch, also e.g. the long press in fdtoolbar is perfect.

God yes, if that was be added it'd be completely awesome! Would remove so may issues to touch operation.

I have a Logitech T650 touchpad, and on Win8 most touch things seem to work fine in Opus - in particular, two-finger scrolling works as you'd expect in a Lister.
Even pinch-to-zoom works which I was surprised by.

Hmm right... On my Surface Pro 2 I can scroll through the contents of a lister using the scroll bar. However it I stroke the actual file list up and down then the scroll position indicator moves up and down the right hand vertical bar but the files within the lister actually keep static and do not move. It is very surreal. Also noted as well is that if one strokes down on files in a lister the lister 'bobs' as if it was being selected in it's entirety, a bit like the bobbing you get the swiping down on a live tile.