Some Windows system folders are shown empty and with different appearance

There are folders in my system shown in red font that when openend, do not follow my set dark mode theme but are all in white. The column headers look different as well. Also these folders are shown as empty (I can't select anything inside either). The column headers are in German, my Windows language.

What could be going on here? How can I display their contents normally in Directory Opus?


You could try to change the setting in -> Preferences (Einstellungen) -> Display (Anzeige) -> Colors & Fonts (Farben & Schriften) -> File- & Folder Colors (Datei- & Ordnerfarben) -> Files & Folders - System (Dateien & Ordner System).

If you uncheck the system's colors box, it should be fixed.

It's because those are folders which Windows can display in a special way, so Opus delegates display of them to Windows. If Opus is configured to look drastically different to the rest of the OS then those folders will look different to others.

If you select Preferences / Folders / Virtual Folders / Treat all virtual folders as real then Opus will display the real directories which are underneath the virtual folders in some cases, using its own view and the colors etc. that you are used to. But you'll also see the data in those folders differently. In some cases the differences are fairly subtle (e.g. the Fonts folder) while in others they are huge (e.g. the view Windows shows of Internet Explorer's cache folder looks completely different to the real files that exist there on disk; the virtual folder is an abstract representation of the real data, but usually the one you would want to see as it is easier to understand). Recycle Bin is another good example.

Some virtual folders, such as This PC (My Computer) and Desktop, are handled natively by Opus (unless configured not to on the same Preferences page), so you get the virtual view but also get the Opus look & feel in those.