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Some .ZIP, .RAR and .7z cannot be read by Opus

I have a small question: I have found that sometimes, .zip or .rar or .7z archives that are perfectly read by 7-Zip, are marked as corrupted/unreadable by Opus built-in archives' plugins; all my Archive and Plugin Settings are 100% vanilla

What is at fault here?

If you point us to some examples we can look at them.

Hello Leo,

I just ran into the same issue. Did you notice anything? I unzipped the two files with 7-zip fine but they were marked as corrupted by DOpus. This happens on occasion for me with GIS files I download.

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Examples, please.

Hello Leo,

Here is a link to one of the files that unzips with 7-zip but not the integrated DOpus archive tool. Download the shapefile which is a zipped archive. I did not attach it here since its about 60 MB.

Thanks for your help!


That archive has a folder named . in it, which doesn't make sense and is a mistake on the part of the tool which made the archive.

Opus will not open an archive with that in it, because . and .. filenames are not legal in Windows and archives that use them are potentially malicious.

Archives with those names could be designed to trick tools into extracting files to locations outside the destination folder (e.g. to replace things in the Windows or Program Files folder), so Opus simply won't open them as a precaution.

(The Archives plugin handles things slightly differently, and will rename the folders from . to _ instead of refusing to open them. The above explanation only applies to the internal Zip code.)

Hello Leo,

Thank you so much for checking this out for me. Thinking back on it, it's likely this same website where I obtained a file earlier this year that would not open. I simply assumed it was corrupted. I will let them know of the issue. It's a repository of GIS data that is not available elsewhere. My guess is that whatever they are using to archive files is configured incorrectly.

So Archives and Zips are different plugins in DOpus?

Thanks again for your help!