Somehow the second tree won't refresh

For some reason the second tree won't refresh, and it has apparently been that way for at loong
while, but I just didn't notice it.

I can go deep into the subfolders by doubleclicking a folder in the other window, but
the tree doesn't expand to follow me. That is, I can use said tree to locate a folder, but if I go
further by doubleclicking folders in the fileview(?) it won't follow.

GO REBUILDTREE does nothing useful, because it collapses everything, so only the drives are shown,
and not like it should, collapse everything except the folders neccessary to reach the currently active folder.

Even switching tabs don't refresh the tree, even if the other tab is a path on a different drive.
The "fileview" updates and whatnot, but not the tree.

Please show a screenshot or two to illustrate what is happening. Please include the whole window, uncropped.

Screenshots of the Folder Tree preferences would also be useful.

It sounds like the second tree's lock is turned on, but it could be other things as well.

Thanks for the tip. I've never used said button, but I've apparently clicked it without noticing.
That was the problem.

I begun to wonder what was wrong with me after noticing that issue.
I couldn't remember when it started, and I certainly couldn't explain how I failed to notice it
for some time, and alzheimer is slightly too early to get, so..

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