Something I still need to know

Hi, after I tested your program I just bought a licence. Here are still some things I couldn't fix on DOpus:

  1. When I switch to List-View the headers of the columns don't disappear like they do at Windows-Explorer. Can I change it or not?

  2. When I choose on the context menu: "Sort by" the list is sorted alphabetically: Attributes, Date and Time (modified), Filename, Size (auto), Type. They are not sorted like in the Explorer and the headers of the colums in DOpus: Filename, Date, Size, Type, Attr. Can I change it or not?

  3. I checked at Preferences\Launching Opus\Startup\Shutdown: "Shutdown Directory Opus when the last Lister closes". But it doesn't. If the Preferences pane or the Rename pane are opened, they still remain opened after closing the last Lister. Can I change it or not.

  4. I have a menu with "Internet Favorites" (Go PATH /start|/favorites FOLDERCONTENT). On this menu the start menu with my programs is also visible although I don't need it. Can I change it or not?

  5. Now with the Favorites List: I checkmarked to show my Favorites at: Colors and Fonts\File and Folder Colors. And almost all Favorite Folders are now pink colored. Except the ones with variables (%AppData%, &LocalAppData&, %ProgramFiles%...). Are variables not accepted?

  6. And now the "Folder Names". Localized Folder Names are only completely displayed in German on the folder tree. On the Folder Display only if their localisation is on drive C:. On drive D:\ they are displayed in English. And on the File Displays Border they are completely displayed in English.

Thank you very much for the answers
Best regards!

  1. Turn off Preferences / File Displays / Options / Show sort header in icon modes

  2. "They are not sorted like in the Explorer" -- What's different specifically? What do you want to change?

    "and the headers of the colums in DOpus: Filename, Date, Size, Type, Attr. Can I change it or not?" -- You can edit that context menu via Settings > Customize Toolbars > Context Menus > Lister Column Header.

  3. The option is there to keep Opus running while you are using it, and close it when the last window closes. It's named after listers but there are some other windows which will also keep it open, since you wouldn't normally want the program to vanish while you were renaming some files. Just close the Rename and Preferences windows if you aren't using them.

  4. The /start|/favorites part of that command is telling it you want the Start Menu included in the list, in addition to Internet Favorites. If you only want Internet Favorites, then change it to just /favorites

  5. Maybe they aren't being expanded. If you start a separate thread for that (so we can keep track of the issue), we'll look into that.

  6. That might be related to this recent change:

    Folder name localization is now only enabled on certain drives, to prevent problems with Google Drive File Stream.

    Unfortunately, Google Drive File Steam has serious problems when it is asked for localised names, so we've made some changes to try and avoid asking it about them.

    I'm not sure of the exact details about how we restrict the lookups (I wasn't involved in this) but I think drives other than the System drive do not usually have localised names. Can you tell us about your setup in more detail, and which folders it involves? We might be able to improve how this works if we can understand your setup better.

    (This would be better as a separate thread as well, if possible. Otherwise this thread could turn into spaghetti and be hard to follow for discussions of any one particular issue.)

General note:

Thanks a lot! I will open new threads for the other questions.