Something simple, i hope :)

i have 2 questions
1)how can i set DO to open a new path in a new folder tab without losing previous already open tabs
2) how can i change just the color of folders (not the letters) for example from yellow to orange

i'm using the latest version of DO

You mean, open one selected folder in a new tab? That would be Go {f} CURRENT NEWTAB=tofront, which you can change in
-> settings -> file types -> all folders -> "edit" -> events (tab) -> left double click, (it normally uses the plain Go command).
If you replace that by the altered command, you will have every new folder opened in a new tab. But you have to keep in mind, that this quickly leads to a lot of open tabs, naturally.

The second question, well, you can change the folder color over the folders properties menu, in Windows´ standard way.
There is also another way; if you have label colors defined, in the preferences (-> settings -> preferences -> favorites & recent -> file & folder labels)
you can change, whether an overlay of the chosen label color will be applied over the standard Windows icon or not.

i added the command that you gave me but when i click for example on my computer icon it still opens a new DO.exe with only a new folder tab in the first folder 'lister', i' m using 2 folder's listers
How can i make this command to open in my existing opened DO in a new tab without deleting my existing opened tabs in the first folder's lister?
thank you

(Please ask one question per thread.)

[ol][li]If we're talking about folders launched from outside of Opus (e.g. double-clicking the Computer icon on the desktop) then you just need to turn on Preferences / Launching Opus / Explorer Replacement / Open external folders in a new tab.

If we're talking about opening folders in another way, please give us the details.

[li]Do you want to change the icons of all folders, or only some?

You can use Preferences / Favorites and Recent / File and Folder Labels to do this, either way. Exact steps depend on which you want. If you want all folders you could create a wildcard label that matches * and only changes the icon color.[/li][/ol]

ok thanks for the answer, can you inform me how can i make a wildcard label in order to change every folder's color or icon with my own?

There's a good, brief description in the manual: File and Folder Labels.

The only extra "trick" you need is using * as the wildcard so it matches everything.

You'll probably want to turn on Preferences / Folder Tree / Appearance / Use configured file display colors for tree items as well.

One thing to note: The file display and folder tree will be affected, but not everything. The location bar and folder tabs won't be affected by this, for example. To affect those as well, I think you'd currently need to change the system's folder icon (affecting Explorer etc. as well) rather than make changes within Opus itself.