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Sometimes Deleting Pictures Open on The Viewer Crashes Opus



It is rare but has been happening for a while when I delete a bunch of pictures, one being the currently shown and the others being the next or previous ones.

Happens after I delete the files on the lister or if I use this button on the image viewer:

Select None
@Set CurrentFolder {SourcePath}
Delete {$CurrentFolder}

After deleting, the crash comes when I try to navigate to the next/previous picture. The viewer usually detects correctly that some files were deleted and I haven’t noticed anything that could prompt the crashes.

It has happened again moments ago and I looked at the DOpus.Minidumps folder and saw a bunch of 0 bytes DMP files, none for this occurrence.


Is this still an issue?

Have you been able to reproduce this more reliably? Or have you found a dump file you could send?


I don’t think these crashes ever generate a dump. My impression is that the dump generator does not cover the related code (if that is possible).

My best guess is that it is timing related. Moving to the next/previous picture too soon after issuing the delete command might catch the program at some inconsistent state.

It happened other times after I created this thread, but I have been burned so many times that now I wait a bit before moving to the next/previous and, for what it is worth, I haven’t see it happen for a while.