Sometimes DOpus prevents itself from deleting files

I just updated to DOpus and I'm so happy about all the improvements and fixes. Thanks a lot for the great work.

Here is a small bug I can reproduce here:

  1. Open the text viewer pane in hex-mode.
  2. Select a large EXE file (> 100MB) that is on an foreign USB-Stick (filled with an other system).
  3. Try to delete the EXE file (that is currently shown in the text viewer in hex mode).
  4. Error message appears saying that the file is locked by DOpus itself.

To continue I just have to select an other file in DOpus to let the viewer pane release the EXE file. Than I can press retry and it will work as expected.

On my system the following message appears:

You could try to update to beta, because i believe there was some improvement concerning locked files,
somewhere in the newer betas.

Haven't we been through this before in your similar thread from a while back?

Yes sure, if I remember correctly there were several fixes you have made for moving and deleting a file that is locked by the viewer pane. Consequently these error messages appear less frequently from version to version on my system.

Anyway in some rare cases DOpus still shows the error dialog on deleting files that are opened in the viewer pane.

Since it occurs this morning with the latest stable release I decided to post it.

If there's anything new to add, please add it to the existing thread so the information and history remains in one place.

But I think you may just need to close the viewer in this case. Doing anything which opens large exe files on slow media is liable to trigger locked files as well as potential delays from virus scanners.