Sometimes Drag & Drop doesn't work anymore

Once in a while it happens that drag and drop doesn't work anymore.
In fact, also not when using Windows Explorer. Opus, File->Exit and relaunch doesn't help.
They only way to get it working again is to reboot my pc.

Reason for posting is that it happened again, just now.

Maybe Opus got confused:
I was having 3 (or 4?) different Opus sessions running
Also Windows in VM and 1 Opus running in there.
And some non important stuff (Firefox, Outlook, SnagIt on host-pc and SnagIt on VM, things like that)

I know it is all pretty vague, close to nothing to go on, but regretfully there is nothing else I can tell.

Latest version of Opus (v12.3.5)
VMware Workstation 12.5
Windows 10 x64 (host and VM)


I think i have mentioned this in the old coffee shop, but cannot find it anymore. Looks, like hovering over the files takes a second or so to take effect, which is annoying. Maybe it's a Windows 10 issue rather than Opus'.

If exiting and restarting Opus doesn't help, but things work after a reboot, then it's likely something on your syatem isn't releasing a shared resource involved with drag & drop.

Thanks Leo. As Drag & Drop didn't work within Windows Explorer either, indeed there must be 'something' else that is causing this. Maybe it was the number of instances of Opus (on host) combined with Opus in VMware.

Anyway, that aside, I read a trick that is really worthwhile mentioning here.

Press Esc in the midst of dragging, it's been rumored to reset the DnD feature.
Also try some others Shift/Drag,
Ctrl/Shift/Drag or,
right click Ctrl/Shift/Drag.

In my case the "press Esc in the midst of dragging" solved the issue.