Sorry, DOpus 10 but you're dumped

I love DOpus - I wouldn't run a PC without it, but I've had so many issues with v10's usability (not bugs) I've permanently downgraded. In case anybody wants to know, here's why:
The first was the unfloatable 'find' panel. (And please don't tell me how good you find it. I liked the old one).
Next was the unuseable 'duplicate find' results panel. (And please don't tell me how good you find it. The old one worked without referring to the manual).
I didn't like the new horizontal animations. They're just naff.
Then H.263 FLV's stopped playing no matter what codec or association I used.
So then I went back to v9.5 and hey presto, it's much faster, all media files play, I can float result windows, etc. etc.
These issues were too big a price to pay for the ability to colour tag individual files, folders and icons.
Thanks anyway, have turned upgrade notifications off.

Hmm ... isn't this the Help & Support section? When was it renamed to "Rant" section?

Anyway, you are not forced to buy Opus 10. If you are happy with Opus 9 then stay with it! Where is the problem?

I like Opus 10 because I HATE floating windows. They are always in the way. Especially if you do not have a multi-monitor setup with two 30-inch display but are limited to one 19inch display. Ever tried to use GIMP on that? Guess what, even GIMP is changing!?

Duplicate: What is the problem? Please explain.
Media: All media files just work and I did not install any codec. Did you report this?
Speed: Opus 10 is as fast as 9. At least for me. By the way: How to measure?

[quote="blogward"]The first was the unfloatable 'find' panel. (And please don't tell me how good you find it. I liked the old one).
Next was the unuseable 'duplicate find' results panel. (And please don't tell me how good you find it. The old one worked without referring to the manual).[/quote]

We've discussed those to death before so all I can say is we can't please everyone all the time.

Not sure which animations you mean. You can turn most of them off via Preferences, and the remaining ones off via Windows settings (at least on modern versions of Windows).

Virtually nothing has changed about the way Opus plays video files, and Opus relies entirely on 3rd party splitters & codecs for playback, so any problems are going to be in those rather than Opus itself, especially when the same filetypes play fine for other people in Opus 10.

In fact, the only change in Opus 10 I can think of that could relate to video playback is that Opus 10 forces the Windows DEP security feature on for the process, meaning if some code writes past the end of a buffer (which wouldn't be unheard of with video splitters/codecs, given the bugs in some of them) then it'll either crash or throw an exception, which could well cause playback to fail.

Either way, if you try a different (or updated) FLV splitter or H.263 codec I expect the playback would start working again.

Remember that 64-bit versions of Opus use/require 64-bit versions of the splitters/codecs, unlike most video-playback software which is 32-bit. (You can install both 32-bit and 64-bit codecs/splitters so they work whichever type of software tries to use them.)

I apologize if I was ranting, but I just thought that my view might give any DOpus developers watching a little heads up that some tweaks are a tweak too far for some longtime users, sorry customers. Since I installed v10, I've had to spend a lot more time than I would like trying to regain the functionality and usability I had in v9, without success, simply because of non-defeatable changes made to the UI. I would still recommend DOpus to people but they won't be getting any more of my money. Especially when legitimate complaints from a paying customer are addressed dismissively in the support forum, hey?

If you want to contact GPSoftware, contact them via their website.

This is a user-to-user support forum. Even the posts by people involved with writing parts of Opus are just the opinions of the individuals who decide to respond in their spare time. We will respond honestly, though. If we're not convinced by an idea then we'll say so and give people the opportunity to better state their case (because maybe there is something we haven't thought of that would sway our opinions), rather than say "we'll think about it" just to shut-down the discussion with a minimum of fuss.

IMO, having an honest conversation about ideas & designs is more respectful of other person than ignoring their request or pretending to consider it, like most software developers seem to do. But, either way, most things posted on this forum are not 'the official opinion of GPSoftware'; they're just one person's opinion.

Also, to be blunt, if you cannot accept that some of your ideas are going to be dismissed then you've got unrealistic expectations. The software is not written for you personally; it's written for thousands of people.

(And we have addressed the video playback issue, but you don't seem to want to try changing codecs/splitters, so what else can we do about that? When/if I get around to writing a plugin that uses VLC it'll solve a lot of video-playback issues -- at least for people who want to install the VLC ActiveX control -- but until then we're at the mercy of the splitters/codecs each person has installed.)

"but you don't seem to want to try changing codecs/splitters"

Huh? Read original post - don't have any more time to waste myself

You didn't seem to want to try them when you posted about the problem originally, either. (Unless I'm mis-remembering the thread, which is entirely possible. Either way, seems like giving up without trying to solve something that's probably quite easy to solve. Of course, I can understand if the other things have already made you decide to go back to Opus 9.)

Anyway, if you don't want help with anything then there's nothing left to do, and this thread is out of place in the Help & Support forum, so I've locked it. Use the Coffeeshop forum if you want to discuss things that aren't related to solving problems or sharing ideas with other users, or contact GPSoftware directly if you want to give them feedback on Opus.