Sort by date not list folders at top?

I need a way to quickly get to the newest file in a folder. When I click the Modified column header twice, to get the newest file at the top, it still lists all the folders first. How can I get it not to list all the folders first? Or better yet, what's a fast way to get at the newest files in a folder?

The easiest way I know of to do this would be with a style. You could set the style up to sort by last modified reversed and to display files above folders.

I use a little different method however. I do have a style called "Last Modified" but instead of displaying files above folders I have two additional buttons next to my styles. One button toggles the display of files on/off while the other does the same for folders. That way if I just want to see files I can hide the folders and vice versa when I just want to see folders.

Or instead of all that you could create a button with the following commands to hide the folders and reverse sort by last modified date/time.