Sort by description

i am still on ver 9
i may be dreaming but ...
i have things set up so that the folders stay in forward alpha sort when i change the sort order for the files, i.e. when i click on the size or date columns the folders stay at the top in a constant sort order and just the files sort

this is just how i want it, except i want to be able to click on the description column and have the folders sort by description

is it possible to make an exception like this and if so how ?

You could set up a button that sorts by description and turns off the 'keep folders sorted' flag, but there's no way to make it happen automatically when you click the column header.

In Opus 10 (but not 9), you can make a button which toggles the 'keep folders sorted' flag at the same time as sorting by Description, and turns off the flag when you click the same button again:


thanks jon
looks like i will need to buy 10, but i think i missed the promo period