Sort files to specific folders


is it possible that dopus sorts files depending on fiel type to specific folders?

Exampel: I have a main folder (named Project) which has a subfolder named #Images. When I copy some images to the Project folder, all images shoud moved to the #Image Folder automaticly. Best would be if I could sort by filename so only .jpg files are sortet but not .gif files.

Thank you


There are lots of ways to do that. It mostly depends how you want to trigger the files being moved.

Hello Leo,

yes, there are quite a lot of ways and also tools but I never found a tool which sort files automatically on new created folder structures. The problem is that all tools need a source and a destination folder. Regrettably my source and so also the destination folders are always different.

So I looking for a method where may dopus could do it for me. May a button which moves the files from the left side into the right folders on the right side.
Left side a I have a bunch of files and rigth side a have my new folder structure which I have to fill with.

So when I move ore copy a image from the left side to the right side, dopus should check if it´s a image and if yes, it sould be copied or moved into the filder which named "Image"

May this is possible by filter rules?



sorry fo that may bad explanation.

Another try:

on the left side are several files likt .txt, .png an .pdf.
On the right side ther are my new created folders Image, Textfile and PDF

So when I move/copy the left selekted files to the right side, dopus should sort them into the right folders. All .txt files into "Textfiles" and all .png Files into "Image" a.s.o.

Is this possible? The right folder names are always the same so it could be possible to make a rule with that name and file type.



Copy *.txt CREATEFOLDER="TextFiles"

A line like that will copy all the txt files (doesn't matter if they are selected or not) from the left to a TextFiles folder on the right (creating the folder if needed).

You can add similar lines for other extensions.

Hello Leo,

this could be the right way.
How is the command to move the left files to an existing folder?

Move *.txt FOLDER="TextFiles" does´nt work :confused:



There is no Move command, as you'll see if you look in the menus in the (advanced) button editor or the manual.

The Copy command has a MOVE argument which makes it move things:

Copy MOVE *.txt CREATEFOLDER="TextFiles"

Hello Leo,

I tried follow command:

Copy MOVE *.txt CREATEFOLDER="Texte"
Copy MOVE *.png CREATEFOLDER="Bilder"
Copy MOVE *fw.png CREATEFOLDER="Source"

regrettably when I push the button, dopus creates the folder inside each other and not on the same level. So I get a 5 level deep folder structure.
Also I need to know it its possible to set more the one file parameter like Copy MOVE *fw.png;*an.png;*01.png CREATEFOLDER="Source" ?


This should fix the nested folders problem:

Copy MOVE *.txt TO={destpath} CREATEFOLDER="Texte" Copy MOVE *.png TO={destpath} CREATEFOLDER="Bilder" Copy MOVE *.pdf TO={destpath} CREATEFOLDER="PDF" Copy MOVE *.jpg TO={destpath} CREATEFOLDER="JPGs" Copy MOVE *fw.png TO={destpath} CREATEFOLDER="Source"

For the wildcards matching multiple things, it can be done like this:

Copy MOVE *(fw.png|an.png|01.png) TO={destpath} CREATEFOLDER="Source"

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Hello Leo,

thank you for your help. Now it works nearly perfect.
I have only one problem left. As you see in the sample I have 2 type of .png files. fw.png and .png. Regrettably when I move the files into the folders "all" .png files are sorted in one singel folder.
This happens cause *.png means also fw.png files.
Do you have an idea how could I solve this problem? The fw.png files should sorted into another folder. Is there an order inside the rules? So I could move first the *fw.png and than the *.png



Just reorder the lines to fix that.

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