Sort of File management

Hello Forum,
This is not so "Dopus" question, but I see you are more experienced people so I will post my question anyway (don't be too angry):
My two large hard disks are filled with programs, downloaded files, many collections of pictures, multimedia files and so on.
To free some space I burnt a lot of files onto several DVD-RW disks (4.7GB).
Now I need a cataloging program or I loose record.
I did some net search, but most I found are music cataloging, and I am more interested in file cataloging.
So I will kindly ask your help if possible - any sugestions, preferably free programs :confused:
Many thanks in advance.

There was just a feature request made for this very same sort of functionality. Voice your opinion there and submit a feature request to GPSoft if you agree... and take a look at the program mentioned by the requestor in the thread:

[url]Disk Cataloging feature]