Sort Window Titles in Task Bar

Is there any way to sort the order of how the lister windows appear from the taskbar on Windows 10, attached screen shot, preferably just in alphabetical order. I have a number of windows open at any time and finding the right one to click on at any time is a bit of a pain.

That list is displayed by Windows, we don't have any control over it. I think it'll be in Z-order (i.e. reflect the depth of the windows from top-to-bottom).

I am not too impressed by this Windows list either.

Wouldn't it be cool to have an Opus command that creates a dynamic list/menu of listers? Something like Go LISTERS, similar to Go DRIVEBUTTONS and Go .. FOLDERCONTENT? Maybe with some sorting options (by monitor position would be killer!)?

Would work really well on the tray icon, too, I'd say.