Sorting multiple folders in different ways

I thought Dopus could sort different folders in different ways. For example...
one folder sorted by filename, with "mixing" set as Folders Listed Before Files" and another
folder sorted by filename, with mixing set as "Mix files and folders together". When I set them this
way, then save for the current folder only, each one displays correctly until I "exit" Dopus. When I start
again, both folders are sorted the same way (depending on which folder I set last). This is hard to explain
so I hope I made some sense. If I go into Settings> Preferences> Folder Formats, both "Path Formats" are
defined correctly.

Any suggestions...

Check that you don't have the format lock (padlock in the status bar) turned on.

jon.. That's exactly what was wrong. Been using Opus for quite awhile and didn't really know what that lock symbol was for... didn't even know you could click it. Thank you very much...