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Sorting not sorting?


I'm still back on 11.19 x 64. Today as a result of a failed backup I went to see if my backup drive was full. I also have Windows 10 set to backup file changes and having a large amount of data in that folder I was curious what was being saved. I simply tried to sort the column by the size and nothing happened. There were only 3 files but the directory showed way more bytes than I was seeing by looking at these files. At the folder level I also tried to sort to see if that was the biggest folder but no luck nothing happened no matter what column I tried to sort on or which direction. There's no padlock so it's not a locked format.

I finally out of curiosity went to my e: drive to see if it was something specific to my USB drive which is f:. I found a directory full of folders and again tried to sort on any column. Nothing doing. I switched directories to one with a smaller amount of files and again no way was anything sorting. I went into more of a user folder an attempted a sort and immediately it sorted. This is bizarre. I have never seen this type of behavior before.

One of the directories I tried sorting on F: F:\FileHistory\Todd\ASUSG73-WIN10X6\Data$OF I went to E:\Users\Todd\VirtualBox VMs which had two large files that wouldn't sort and I finally went back F:\FileHistory\Todd\ASUSG73-WIN10X6\Data$OF and tried again with no luck

So here's my windows user directory which says it's sorted by date but it's not:

and finally my screen capture directory that also says it's sorted by date and it is:


It looks like you have the Keep folders sorted alphabetically option turned on in the format for that folder (Folder / Folder Options / Display tab).


Hmmm. I do have that set on "custom", which should really be called default, but I don't recall setting it and I don't ever recall not being able to override it by sorting on another column. I would think that the setting would be an initial one but you are telling me it's an override of anything else?


If that option is on then folders are always sorted alphabetically irrespective of the actual sort order. That's the whole point of it.


What would I do to have the folders sorted unless I sorted on something else?


Turn off that option, then they'll be sorted by the same criteria as files.


OK thanx.