Sorting not working

We use a cloud-based storage system (Datto) similar to one-drive or google-drive, which presents as a mapped network drive. Sorting will not work on it. You can see the screenshot that I am sorting by modification date, and that Lister knows the modification date, but it will not sort. Same goes for other columns, including Name. Local folders, onedrive, all sort fine. Please help, thanks!


Has Manual Sorting been turned on? That's the only thing I can think of which would override the sort order like that.

Check that it is not enabled here:

Thanks! I don't even see that option. And sorting works fine for other network drives, etc.


Ah, I found something. It is only folders that won't sort. Even on other drives, if a folder has both folders and files, the files sort by date but not the folders. I think this is because I have it set to show folders before files...but shouldn't the folders sort too? They will only stay alphabetical.

Oh, could not see that as your screenshot cropped out the folder names.

You must have turned on the "Keep folders sorted alphabetically" option in Folder Options.

Bingo! Thank you!

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