Sorting Photos By Camera, Chronologically

I have many photos and they are all spread across multiple drives, folders and files over the years.

These photos are taken using

  1. My cameras including phone cameras

  2. Cameras of friends and family members

  3. Scanned images for old photos

I want to sort all of them in a folder structure that is

Camera Name or Model
Picture Taken Year (YYYY)
Picture Taken Month (MM)
Picture Taken Date (DD)

The above folder structure and photos within same will give me a fairly good idea of who had taken the pictures and I can then rename the folders accordingly to provide a more meaningful name.

How do I use Directory Opus to sort and create a folder structure automatically for all the pictures available in a specified set of folders (including sub folders) by

Camera Name or Model
Year (YYYY)
Month (MM)
Date (DD)

Finally, I also want to know if there is some mechanism to do same for videos too.

Thanks and Regards,

The Rename dialog lets you insert photo metadata into filenames, including camera model and date taken (if available inside the files).

If you include backslashes in the new filenames then it will create folders and move the files around.

I have read that Rename is very powerful in DOPUS but have never used it except normal file or folder renaming by clicking on the name and changing it within Lister. I will highly appreciate if you can share some URL to point to video or document which shows how to use Rename dialogue step by step with an example.

I also want to break the date into sub folders YYYY within which MM and within which DD is created for dates available in Date Created.

Best place to start is probably with the manual.