Sorting Recent/SmartFav List

Is there a way to sort the recent or SmartFavorite list? I know the most recent entry is on top, but whereas i find that convenient for let's say the first two or three entries, i would much more prefer a sorted list (that is, the option/argument to have it sorted or not) when it comes to look for entry 9 on a list of 20 (where of course i don't know it's the 9th but do know that i've been recently there.

If not possible, just an idea.


This seems to be an exact duplicate of this - so you're not alone with your findings! o)

yes exactly tbone, thanks. went through the search but haven't spotted that one.

i've even started to reduce the number of entries in prefs to get a better overview. at work i have several drives and all have a bit of the same structure and six to seven levels where i'm working in. so scanning those lists, is rather difficult. So a +1 from my part as well, but as stated initially i would like to have it on both types of lists, so "recent" as well.