Sorting without scrolling

Often times I want to click on a folder and, as an example, sort the contents in reverse-modified order to see the oldest file in the folder. In Windows Explorer, it's no problem if there are hundreds of files in the folder, the files will be sorted and the oldest will appear at the top.

Opus handles this differently -- If i click on a folder which contains hundreds of files and then click the "Modified" a couple times column to sort, Opus scrolls the buffer down and I always have to scroll back up, which gets really annoying.

It would be a different story if I had a file/folder highlighted -- keeping a highlighted file/folder in view when doing a sort would be the correct behavior. But since I am just clicking on a folder and sorting its contents without highlighting anythign first, the buffer should remain at the top, yes?

So basically, how can I force Opus to not scroll on sort if nothing has been highlighted?

You could create a lister style which sorts the list the way you want, and when you apply it, the scroll bar doesn't move.

Prefs / Listers / File Display / Reset focus entry when sorting file list

Perrrrrrfect, thanks!