Source Code Viewer Crashes

I am a new user of Directory Opus (version running on WinXP Prof SP2) and installed the source code viewer yesterday, following the instructions in the readme file. Unfortunately having restarted DOpus I get an exception whenever I try and preview a file:

"The error (0xC000001D) occurred in thread 0x4084F37. Directory Opus needs to close...."

Removing SourceCodeViewer.dll sorts the problem, any idea what may be wrong?



What kind of file?

All files of the same type or just a particular one?

It causes a crash with any file type, even those that the source code viewer wouldn't display.

i had the same problem, after deleting all SourceCode Viewer files and install then newest files again it worked ..

I have the very same problem - and reinstalling did not help yet. I´m on Windows XP current service packs. As I´m not a programmer I don´t really need it, so I did not write about it, but still curious if there would be a solution ...

best regards

P.S. confirmed - opus will quit on my machine as well if I open a preview window and source code viewer is involved - regardless which type is sent to it.


If you want to help me trace what is going on drop me an email to and I'll send you debugging instructions.

just updated to - it still crashes. I´ve sent an e-mail to you.

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I currently hat also an crash.
I copyed mp3 files from an ftp an my HD. Then suddelny i get "FAILED TO INITIALIZE SPLITTER WINDOW" .. The viewer was no active. Just my 2 dirs and tree ..

Is it reproducable?

no not realy ;/ .. it happens 2 times yesterday to me .. but when i try to reproduce it it doesnt crash ;/ .. voodoo bug ..

I'll try the same here to see if I can reproduce the issue.

For anyone who is encountering crashes please try v1.2.0.1 to see how it fares.

Hi Rhino,

I also have some problems with the latest ( version.

  1. It crashes from time to time but by silently vanishing DOpus (no messagebox). I'm using W2K sp4.

  2. The Save function mangles CR-LF. This is new for this version, 1.1 did not. It inserts a CR before any CR-LF pairs. So saving the same file twice will "convert" any CR-LF to CR-CR-CR-LF and so on...

  3. The find function displays a mangled string in the messagebox (Cannot find the string: ####) when no more matches are found.

From these problem apart, this plugin rocks (I use it all the time, as a text editor, so the save function is now a big handicap)



I'm also using the latest versions of SCV/DOpus and I'm not positive of this but I seem to recall Rhino mentioning something awhile back about GP software confirming there's a bug causing the crashes. So for now as much as I hated to do it, I've disabled the SCV because DOpus was crashing way too often with it enabled, even when I wasn't using the SCV.

The screwed-up line breaks are annoying me too, but I do not depend on using SCV ( as my favourite editing tool. Anyway, I'd like to see this bug fixed too ...

Besides that, :sunglasses: plugin!

kind regards,


I have uploaded v1.2.0.3 which should fix the "FAILED TO INITIALIZE SPLITTER" error that was occurring. Also I have fixed the garbage error display on an unsuccessful find.

Regarding the line breaks, I can't reproduce this but if you can please email with a file and instructions on how to reproduce it I'll look at it ASAP.

This is welcome news. I've now downloaded and installed the latest SCV and will report back once I've used it a few days. About a week ago I had re-enabled the previous version of SCV to see if it would be more stable in the newer DOpus 8.1xx releases, and at first I thought everything was working fine. Because back in March DOpus would crash on me approximately 6-8 times per day, however last week when I enabled the SCV I went 2 days before the old dreaded "FAILED TO INITIALIZE SPLITTER" error popped up just before the crash.

I'll follow up with another report in a few days after I've had a chance to use it awhile.

Fine, thanks for the prompt reaction. Interesting enough the double line break issue disappeared too! At least I wasn't able to reproduce this problem with

Some problem remains: the scrollbars are not redrawn every time when viewing a new file (see screenshot).

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Download v1.2.0.4 which fixes this issue.


Man, you're the fastest, aren't you?