Source code viewer

Hi all,

i'd like to know if someone configured the xml file of the source code viewer for php/html editing ?
I should say the GREAT source code viewer, Mister James Dickson, you are my hero :wink:


oh boy, i love dopus !

I haven't yet but I could. At least for html as I'm an html programmer. I've done some coding in PHP but nothing real deep and heavy. However I think I could write the xml file code to syntax color PHP all right.

So far I've created the xml file code for CSS files and batch files (including 4NT scripts), if there's any interest in those I'd be happy to share.

I'll see how things go this coming weekend. If the war department (a.k.a my wife) doesn't have any wild ideas cooked up to go do something, I'll see if I can't do the conversions then.

Perhaps if enough folks are willing to share the source code viewer config codes, a section could be added here for storing them?