SOURCETODEST based on name AND size?

I may use SOURCETODEST to select identical files in the destination based on the selection in the source.

However, SOURCETODEST considers the files identical based on name alone. What if I want to compare based on name and size (or name and CRC)?

Still trying to chase those elusive files viking?

This could probably be done by Opus on a file by file basis, but I have the impression you want a magic button to locate all the files like that in one fell swoop.

IMHO to do that, you might be looking at using an external scripting language which is beyond the scope of this forum.

I'm curious, how did you come to be in this situation? I mean, why didn't you keep the same file and directory structure between the two machines? If you had all this wouldn't be an issue now, the standard Opus tools would solve your problems easily.

Hi John,

I actually have 2 different features that I am looking for;

  1. The feature that you are referring to:
    How to synchronize 2 computers when the directory structure changes.
    This is because I travel with my laptop and may be gone for several months. During this time it is necessary to add directories, move files around etc. When I get back, I need to synch the laptop with my desktop.
    The regular synch tool does not work when the directory structure has changed.

  2. I am still using another file manager (FileProbe) because it has several features that I can not "live without". One extremely useful feature is the "Selection Algebra"
    I select certain files in the source directory. Then, based on selectable criteria, I can select (or deselect) files in the destination directory. For example, in the destination I could select files only if they match selected files in the source based on:
    a. Name match
    b. Name AND date match
    c. Name AND size match
    d. Name AND date AND size
    ..... etc.

I have attached a screen shot of the selection criteria in FileProbe. Can this somehow also be done in DOpus? I thought about using SORCETODEST, but it only works for name comparison...


I'm not too slick with it... but can the selection filters be used for this? Something like a compare filter with matching name/size/etc subclauses?

I am still hoping that someone could chip in with a suggestion of how to use Dopus to do the "selection algebra" found in Fileprobe (see screenshoot above). :confused:

I don't think you can select files in the source/dest which are the same size (or CRC etc.). If you want that your best bet is to file an official feature request with GPSoft.