Spaces get truncated when pasting text into certain dialogs


DOpus v12.18

There are few dialogs in Opus that are removing spaces from pasted text...

  • Select Files... dialog (Select SIMPLE), and the Rename dialog:
    If there's already text in the box, and you paste after that text, then only trailing spaces are removed. If you paste at the front of the already-present text then leading spaces are removed. If you paste in between the already-present text, no spaces are removed, if the box is empty both leading and trailing spaces are removed.

  • Create Folder dialog (CreateFolder ASK), Location Bar, and individual pane location fields:
    Always removes leading and trailing space.

That's by design and something people requested. It's also fairly common when pasting into name edit fields.

People often accidentally copy an extra space before/after a word and paste it into a dialog without realising, then end up creating/renaming files so they have a space at the start or end, which is hard to notice and can also be hard to fix (in some tools).

If you want a space at the start of end of a filename, you can still type it explicitly.

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