Spaces to + or %20 for web search

I'm trying to create a Buttoncode that will do a Google Images search. It's working fine with {file|nopath} as the search keyword even if the filename contains spaces but with {sourcepath|nopath|noterm} or {filepath|nopath|noterm|..} it's only working if there are no spaces in the name of {sourcepath}.
The complete Code I'm trying to get working:{sourcepath|nopath|noterm}+{file|noext} rel="results"
Is there a way to tell DOpus to replace spaces with + or %20 or something like that?

A dirty workaround that uses a temporary file is working for me:

Clipboard PASTE Rename FILEINFO Zwischenablage.txt TO "{parent} {file|noext}" Select "{sourcepath|nopath|noterm} {file|noext}" DESELECTNOMATCH Rename FINDREP PATTERN " " TO "+" Clipboard COPYNAMES=nopaths{clip} rel="results" Delete

I don't think you actually need to. Just put the whole URL in quotes.

Thanks, that's working fine. :smiley:
I wonder why I didn't think about putting it in Quotes myself instead of wasting time with a workaround. It's usually the first thing to try in such situations. This time I only tried to put the searchterm in Quotes but not the whole string.